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Piekkola croft, Vääksy's pharmacy building, School building

The origins of the Apteekinmajoitus building go back to the pharmacist Anders Gustaf Blåfield, who started running a pharmacy in 1905 in the then Piekkola farm building, which was known for decades as Vääksy’s pharmacy building. Pharmacist Blåfield acquired the building in 1909. The pharmacy building was originally one-story and shorter. It was extended to Myllytie and the yard and raised. There were also several other buildings in Pihapiiri and one of them was a lemonade factory. The lemonade factory turned out well as a branch of the pharmacy business, because at that time most of the medicines were manufactured in the pharmacy on site. The pharmacy also made distillates, so the pharmacist had his own distillation equipment.

After pharmacist Blåfield died in March 1925, the pharmacist’s widow Sylvia Blåflield and daughter Anita Blåfield (née Seppälä) ran the pharmacy until the end of May. On June 1, 1925, Alfred Strandberg became the pharmacy manager from Kuhmoinen, and Anita Blåfield remained as a pharmacy assistant. The property was transferred to the ownership of Alfred Strandberg on August 3, 1925 with a deed in Swedish. Among other things, there was a note in the sales book: “I köpet ingår möblerna i biträdesrummet samt telefon”, which means that some of the furnitures and telefone were part of the deal. Pharmacist Alfred Strandberg received a pharmacy license for Asikkala’s pharmacy on 14 December 1928, when he officially became Asikkala’s pharmacist.

The pharmacy operated under the care of Alfred Strandberg until 1959.

What was new was a gossip mirror installed in the pharmacist’s study, from which you could watch life on the street. That was already common in a town of Porvoo. Alfred Strandberg was also an important person at the beginning of school in Vääksy. He was elected to the school’s first board of trustees, where he served as vice president. It is said about Alfred Strandberg that he was a very skilled fund and housekeeper, who often came up with solutions to the school’s difficult financial problems, for example by sending lottery tickets to be sold to other pharmacies in the country for the school’s benefit.

After Strandberg’s period, the pharmacy building became the property of Asikkala municipality, and a public school operated in its premises. The Rapala brothers acquired the building on behalf of the newly established company in 1968, when the premises began to be used for the needs of Rapala’s lure factory. The municipality of Asikkala acquired the property back into its ownership at the end of the 1970s. At that time, the building was renovated into the premises of Asikkala’s civic college and the building was named the College Hall. For more than 20 years, Opistotalo offered versatile hobby opportunities for the municipality. Both students and teachers enjoyed themselves in the facilities, and the exhibitions of student work at the end of the academic term were a popular and spectacular event. After the civic college merged into the provincial Wellamo college, the municipality put the property up for sale.

In the spring of 2007, the municipality of Asikkala sold the house and plot to the Matila family from Vantaa, who have renovated the main part of the property into a company offering accommodation services.

Nina & Jan Laitiainen and their family will continue the history of the accommodation from 15 May 2023.


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